50 Years of Expert Financial Accounting in Las Vegas, Summerlin & Henderson

Expert Financial Accounting in Las Vegas │ Layton Layton & ToblarExpert book and record-keeping is a tedious undertaking with extremely small margin for error. Rather than burden yourself or your internal team with this chore, leave it to our experienced team of number crunchers .As your financial accounting expert, we carefully and thoroughly process your financial records and statements to see if there are any areas of concern or inaccuracy.

What a Financial Accounting Expert Can Do for You

An external accounting expert can assist with any or all of your daily accounting needs ranging from simple payroll to in-depth compilation and review of financial statements. An expert can organize your records and reporting in preparation for tax filing, ensuring all data on file is accurate. If your company or organization uses QuickBooks, the Quickbooks-certified team at Layton Layton & Tobler can manage your records from a remote location, minimizing disruption to the daily routine of your office.

Tax Accounting

Our tax planning and tax accounting services focus primarily on liabilities and claims. Adhering to local and national tax codes to avoid violations, we seek to minimize your tax liability.

Management Accounting

Over 50 years of expert financial accounting, bookkeeping & payroll services for business and organizations in Las Vegas, Summerlin & Henderson.We analyze your business or organization’s past and present accounting processes in order to make recommendations for incrementing your current financial accounting methods into generally-accepted standard practices. Encompassing budgeting, performance evaluation, cost management, asset management and more, we can set you on a better path for managing growth into the future.

Forensic Accounting

Very similar to auditing, the main emphasis of forensic accounting is detecting malicious or fraudulent financial activity. Our highly experienced CPAs have a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles and can help determine whether discrepancies are innocent errors or constitute willful illegal activity.

Leave Your Financial Records Management to Us

Financial accounting is not only labor-intensive; it also requires sophisticated financial knowledge and very careful attention to detail. Without significant experience in this area, human error is highly probable. Leave this complex role to experts specifically trained and certified to perform this function. If your business or organization needs help, give us a call today.

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